Progress in the open-source Zigbee world - touchlink pairing

June 05, 2019

I got my hands on some Tradfri devices finally and made good progress talking to them. That's an unmodified Tradfri remote initiating a touchlink pairing with a kw41z board running RIOT-OS and a fork of the old open-source ZBOSS Zigbee stack that I've started updating to support modern off-the-shelf Zigbee devices like Tradfri.

I think this is the first time that open-source-only code has been used to do a touchlink pairing with an off-the-shelf Zigbee device, so I think it's pretty exciting. There's no Xbee module, no closed vendor-provided libraries, no third-party commercial Zigbee stack, no binary blobs at all. All of the code running on the microcontroller is accessible and modifiable, including 100% of the Zigbee functionality. This makes me super happy.

So I did say I was starting to add support. The reason I didn't show off toggling the light with the on/off button is that nothing after the touchlink pairing is implemented yet. But it's pretty cool progress and I wanted to share. Anyway that's all for now.



June 5, 2019, 1:42 p.m.

This is pretty exciting and that Tradfri device is surprisingly inexpensive! Looking forward to seeing further progress posts.


June 6, 2019, 10:06 p.m.

Yeah it's my first experience with Ikea electronics and they didn't let me down. I'd be impressed with the remote at any price, but for $15 I think it's a steal. I only got it so I'd have a proper device to test with but I think I'll have to get a few more and actually put them to use now that it's (well, almost) possible to use them with noncommercial stuff too.

More updates should be forthcoming, although I've had such an unusual abundance of free time lately that for once I might actually be getting burned out on doing the fun stuff. I probably need to check in with real life and maybe even do some adulting pretty soon here.

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